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Wonderpod Episode 263

Another week of Wonderpod being a duo show. We should be back to a complete trio next week. Little bit of everything this time. Flying by the seat of our pants is our preferred style these days. Enjoy the show and have a great weekend.

Wonderpod Episode 223

We switch it up this week on Wonderpod. We sit down and start brain storming on creating our own game. Long time listeners of the show will know, we have done this once before. What makes this different is we actually plan to create this game. We give you a ton of details during the […]

Windows 8 Doom and Gloom

By now you may have heard that some game developers are freaking out over the soon to be released Windows 8. If you haven’t, go here for to get general idea of the concerns. We have already talked about this once or twice briefly on Wonderpod. I still felt I like there was more to […]

Wonderpod Episode 95

This weeks Wonderpod started off with a bang. In fact the whole show is a little off format so to speak. Let’s see what the audience thinks of the subtle changes. Mind you we did speak of video games and all things connected with the activity. So that aspect of the show remains the same. […]

Ritalin Comic: Technological Upgrade

Hello friends!  Did you hear that they are releasing a brand new iPad?  Well, they are!  Just in time, too, because I have suddenly become bored and unhappy with my current iPad 1.  It seems to me that James suffers the same affliction as well!  Perhaps the iPad 2 will finally have the “App” feature […]