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BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 76

G fails to appear for the first half of the show, leaving the rest of the crew to wonder whether or not the 75 week appearance streak would end.  JT fills in for him in his absence while we relive what happened on wrestling television this week.  After the break song, picked by Jorge, G […]

PatMan Picks Stampede Wrestling Classics. Davey Boy Smith VS Bret Hart.

Its that time again people, its time for some classic wrestling action. Welcome to another journey back in time as we explore Stampede Wrestlings great historic past. This time around lets watch a very good match between 2 former wrestlers from the Calgary promotion who were actually WWF employees at the time battling it out […]

Video Tuesday: Broken Alarm

For some bloody reason, my alarm didn’t go off this morning. So I am now an hour behind and not very happy. So another crappy Tuesday for me means funky video for you.  A trailer for the game Alice: Madness Returns, the trailer is slightly twisted. I have been paying a little attention to this […]

PatMan Plays – Kinect. How to look like a fool and enjoy every moment!

Welcome to another PatMan Plays.  This time I bring you a video I made a while back that some of you may have seen on our official facebook page ” Wonderpod On Line”. I called it Kinect is SUPER hardcore, making fun of those who dislike Kinect only due to the “casual” persona it carries. […]

Power Poll: January 21st, 2011

Back for another installment of the Power Poll! There was some significant movement for some grapplers, and very little for others. Let’s get to it!

Wonderpod Episode 49

It is Wonderpod time again. Hope your Friday is treating you well, mine is trying to drag me under a bus. We gathered together last night and got another episode cobbled together using mostly garden gnome cookie magic. Sadly there were no zombies involved. Here is what we rambled on about