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PatMan Picks: Free iPhone games. Gunman Clive( Today only)

What is this you say, not one but two FREE iOS  picks, in the same day ? It might be because I was on vacation the  last 2 weeks and want to make up for it , or maybe it might be because not everyone likes free Panties Ninja games( No accounting for taste). Or, […]

Lego LOTR News

This story much like the one posted below stopped me dead in my tracks. This time not with sarcasm and the thought of being a jack ass. Lego games are made from everything these days. Which is great and annoying at the same time. Outside of Lego world things blowing up for Wii U, I […]

My Duke Nukem Forever Review

PatMan Picks : Free iPhone games. Star Warfare Alien Invasion

One of Rares “lesser known” games on the N64 was a title called jet Force Gemini. It was a cool 3rd person shooter where you shot the hell out of  bug like aliens in arcade style action. That was what first came to mind when I saw footage of today’s FREE iPhone game, Star Warfare Alien Invasion. This portable game may not […]

Wonderpod Episode 105

Another podcast has been created with your entertainment in mind. This episode was delayed by Thunder and the late arrival of one of it’s stars. Not even that could keep us from getting you a worthy episode. It is also the end of my streak as host. 105 five straight shows isn’t bad and I […]

MMO Weekend Madness

Most people spend Easter with family, friends and food. It’s a nice tradition and one I see no issue with. Being me, I spent the entire weekend searching for a new MMORPG to kill time with. It was an interesting search and I was finally successful after several false starts. Mind you the false starts […]

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things – Episode 6

I think this is normally where an intro goes. It’s unlikely that you’ll read it. That’s okay, because I have movies and stuff. Enjoy!

Impact Wrestling- A pintnoir Review

Welcome back to Knoxville, Tennessee! Home to Impact tonight. We start the show off with a Kurt Angle Promo, he proceeds to call out Roode and  brags about how he will remain the champion. Amidst the boos from Knoxville. Kurt Angle goes to leave but before he completely leaves the ramp he issues another challenge […]

Wonderpod Episode 80

The latest and greatest episode of Wonderpod is done. Hopefully your not tuning in for any news out of TGS. Because we didn’t cover any of it. Basically we got through three topics and everybody fell a sleep after that. I got an hour or so of snoring caught on tape. Riveting stuff, which luckily […]

Darksiders 2 Trailer Has PatMan Looking Forward To…Death?

Those of you that have listened to Wonderpod Video game podcast year end special last year will remember that I mentioned Darksiders as one of my top games for the entire year. And rightfully so in my opinion. The original combined dungeons and puzzle solving levels in the likes of Zelda along with the combat […]