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Wonderpod Episode 265

Finally the band is back together. It is so awesome to have Glasenator back on the show. Fun as the two man shows are, it’s always great to have a full crew. The episode is all over the map topic wise and we hope you enjoy it. Have a great weekend!!

Reviewing the Audience

I see the Mass Affect nonsense has now spawned a few more articles on games journalism. Questioning how reviewers can give ME3 such high scores, when the ending sucked harder than a level one rogue wearing tap shoes. As fun as it would be join the vapid chorus spotting nonsense about reviewers blowing corporate overlords. […]

Wonderpod Episode 54

We got a brand spanking new Wonderpod. It is hot and possibly toxic. There is something for everyone in this show. We might have even tried something new. The only way you find out is to listen or read the list of notes I have for you. All for you dear audience, all for you

This and That

Ah Thursday, the day before the day we all care about. Wonderpod record’s tonight and if you have any questions for the crew, feel free to ask in comments. We like to hear from the audience, it makes us feel special. Although we missed a question  a week or so back from a facebook user. […]