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Cannibal Camping 1 (The Forest)

Some video games do not like being recorded. The Forest has proven that again. I would of trash canned this footage, if not for a bunch of bits that made me laugh. Thankfully I learned a thing or two and that is always important. I will warn you this video contains gore and childish behavior. […]

Wonderpod Episode 231

Wonderpod is Spooky and creepy. On purpose this time we swear. Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. So we spend ninety minutes sharing questions and frights. This year we did it in front of a live audience Happy Halloween!

Minecraft Cribs

Way back in the early days I did a sad little video series. It was called the minecraft road trip and it consisted of screen shots. What your about to witness is an actual video, Vivian would be proud.  I have no clue if it’s better than the old series. I just know it’s not bloody screen […]

Wonderpod Episode 91(year end)

The final Wonderpod of 2011 is here. The show covers some year end things like GOTY and we threw in a few other features as well. We would like to thank each and every one of you for listening. With that out of the way, why are you still here? Hit the bloody button already […]

Wonderpod Episode 77

Time for another round of Wonderpod. This week we are joined by Jonkind, while Glasenator battle Ned the Internet serpent. The serpent couldn’t stop him from being heard on the show, which is always good. We also had the usual questions, topics and smart ass humor. In other words porn jokes galore.

Minecraft Road Trip Episode 3

Hey it’s Sunday and I know most of you are doing very little.  Which is perfect as it gives you an opportunity to watch my latest minecraft video. Ha video, more like screenshot with badly synced audio. Okay with the sarcasm out of my system this weeks episode is a little better than the last […]