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Wonderpod Episode 90

Finally, Wonderpod episode 90 has come back to WPO. Fun fact the audience may want to know. Buying a new PC means you will get be screwed side ways and not just by shovel ware. So much for plug and play! Okay shitty pun’s out of my system we got a great show for you, […]

McGee Rants 1 (Not Wonderpod)

This week was supposed to be the triumphant return of Wonderpod. Our recording software and Skype said nuts to that. Which means we add another lost recording to the catalog. I felt really bad about not getting a show for you guys so, I cooked up a little something. It’s not much and may be […]

Biff Zongo: Boy Scouts in Bondage

Fredrik: This is based on real books, but I changed scouts to boy scouts. Sounded better that way. And the last title is made up. I have been interested in weird books for a long time. Listen to the description of the book Cockeye Kerrigan “Hard-knuckled pages blazing with biff and stingo. . .” When […]