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Wonderpod Episode 293

Time for a duo Wonderpod. We keep a a note pad file that has notes and ideas for the show each week. This week it was empty. Luckily for you guys Glasenator and I learned from the furry test episode. So nothing quite that crazy. Enjoy the show and have a great weekend!

Wonderpod Episode 292

The Gremlins did not defeat us. Which means Wonderpod is back on air. It took a baseball bat and four roles of duck tape but we are back. You make things on the Internet long enough the gremlins become part of the deal. Enjoy the show and have a great weekend.

Wonderpod Episode 285

We are back to a full team on Wonderpod. This week we really go off the normal page. We say that a lot but this show might go straight to the twilight zone. We had a ton of fun recording it. We hope you enjoy listening. Have a great weekend

Wonderpod Episode 284

Time for a two man Wonderpod. We wander over a bunch of topics with one blending into the next. We recognize that has been a trend lately. They are just so much fun to do this way. Until we hear complaints there is no reason for us to stop. So enjoy the show and have […]

Wonderpod Episode 281

This week on Wonderpod. Poor Glasenator was out with a bad case of the flu. A hazard of the winter season. This means it’s another daring duo episode. Enjoy the show and have a great weekend people!

Wonderpod Episode 278

Time for Wonderpod. This week we bat around topics we have touched on before. Even though this is not a year end show, it feels a bit like it. Next week will be the year end show. Until then enjoy the show and have a great weekend.

Wonderpod Episode 261

Busy Wonderpod for your Friday. There was a lot to cover this week. It always goes this way in the summer. From weeks of nothing new to almost to much to cover in one episode. Enjoy the show people and have a great weekend!

Wonderpod Episode 260

This week on Wonderpod. Back to the mighty trio. We go all over the rails, but never quite off it this week. If there was a template for the current era of Wonderpod this might be it. Enjoy the show folks!

B and K In: Gotham City Posters

I passed up on this game when it came to consoles initially. While I don’t regret that decision. I am glad I made time to play it on PC. The biggest key with any game like this is having at least one buddy to play with. Even if you end up on opposite teams at […]

Wonderpod Episode 247

Wonderpod was recorded live this week. Well most of it was recorded. We talked a little about games and a little about movies. Always a good mix. Alcohol might of played a factor as well. Have a great weekend people!