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Wonderpod Episode 193

We are back and sporting a brand new episode of Wonderpod. Well okay most of us were here last week. My silly ass has joined the crew again. Mostly gaming this week, thinking we might switch it up next week. Enjoy the show!

Wonderpod Extra Cut (story)

Audiomaster G asked a very interesting question during the last podcast. I suggest you go and listen to the show and hear it for yourself. In case your to lazy to do that let me lay it out for you. Basically we were given a list of games that one person felt didn’t need a […]

Wonderpod Episode 70

Wonderpod is alive and kicking. I wrote this very late last night, as I am magically far away from the keyboard this morning. We gathered together last night and it felt like a dog days of summer show for me. We talked video games, smurf berries and possibly smurfette.

Battlefield Play4Free Rocks?

I am not really sure what to make of this video. On one hand it’s a kind of crappy rock video. On the other it doesn’t really show off Battlefield Play4Free very well. I admit it got my attention while trolling gametrailers this morning.  So you fine people here in our audience can decide what […]

BF Basketball Pinata

Everything is going so well in the last few days here at Wonderpod Online. Time for me to come in and ruin the hot streak. How will I do that exactly? Simple by writing about things without pictures or video. That will cool the hot streak right on down as nobody likes walls of text. […]

Battlefield 3 has tanks

The last day of E3 is today and tonight the wonderpod crew will gather to discuss the show in podcast format. So while we have the time how about some Battlefield. This tank run looks really well done, there is one thing that I noticed above all else.  The sparks when something explodes is damn […]

Sports Games or Game Sports?

Hey I am going to give this writing thing a try. Might as well kill off what little traffic we get from all the stellar game trailers. Okay so I might be joking, but in reality writing does not bring in the hits. Especially if I am the one doing the bloody writing. Well that […]

Battlefield Play4Free

So if you haven’t heard of Battlefield Play4Free, well here have a trailer. The game is in open beta currently and doesn’t look to shabby. I suspect like a lot of play for free games there are going to be challenges to actually playing for free. Still the trailer is worth a watch and I […]

Wrestling With Video Games

The month of March is almost over. The outlook for work outside the office is picking up and soon the hockey playoffs will be upon us. I always enjoy the months of April and May. Lots to do and plenty to write about. Well that is my theory anyway, well see how it goes.

Wonderpod Episode 56

Here I sit with an empty page, I need words to magically appear damn it. Cursing the empty page has no effect. I may not be as strong in the force as I thought. If your still here I have an episode of Wonderpod, that much is clear. This week Pat slept through most of […]