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PatMan Plays Infinity Blade 2. Under $1, For The Rest Of June.

The original Infinity Blade was , for its time , the most impressive iPhone game ever made. With visuals on par with consoles yet game play specifically crafted for short bursts of handheld gaming, it was and still is a great iOS title. Then came it’s sequel, Infinity Blade 2, with even more impressive graphics […]

Watch The Familiar Yet Impressive First 5 Mins Of Oceanhorn on iOS.

  While I’m a fan of iPhone games, especially the cheap price tags they come with, I usually don’t watch  upcoming games with any anticipation as they are being developed. Oceanhorn however, is an exception. The game just looks gorgeous and although it borrows a LOT from the Legend of Zelda games that’s not necessarily a […]

PatMan Picks Free iPhone Games. Temple Run 2.

Endless runners. Yeah, I know, they are a dime a dozen on iOS. Ever since the original Temple Run became a massive success on  iOS, uninspired developers have regurgitated clone after clone of similar looking and playing titles , in hopes of getting a quick buck. Some of them are actually pretty decent, but most Temple Run copies fall short of the fun and […]

PatMan Picks Free iPhone Games. Starship Troopers: Invasion “Mobile Infantry” .

Another day an other Free iOS game for you to try out! Some of you might be thinking that this is my first free pick of 2013, but you would actually be wrong about that. You see our website, WordPress and our servers all went out drinking together on new years eve and, well, things did not work […]

PatMan Picks Free iPhone Games. The Blocks Cometh

The Blocks Cometh has gone free on iOS. Why should I care, you ask? Well, how about because it is a fun little retro inspired game that combines classic platform and action games with the puzzle elements of Tetris. That’s why you should care. And that is an interesting combination of game play that I have personally not experienced very often. […]

PatMan Picks Free iPhone Games. Asphalt 7

Another fun racing game has gone “free for a limited time” on iOS. This time it is a visually impressive arcade style racer by the name of Asphalt 7 Heat. If you have played the other games in this series you know exactly what to expect. While there is nothing revolutionary to play here it […]

PatMan Picks Free iPhone Games. Super Bit Bash

Another lazy Sunday. While your sitting on the sofa watching sports today why not download another free iOS title? You need something to do during those annoyingly repetitive commercials and I have just the thing for you. Today, Super Bit Bash goes free , well “For a limited time”.  As always that means it can go back up in price at any time and […]

PatMan Picks Free iPhone Games. Turret Commander

Another day another FREE iOS title for all of you to give a try. The game is called Turret Commander and it is pretty good, albeit repetitive. Turret Commander is a very nice looking WWII shooter where you basically take aim at everything that moves in the sky from your turret. Pretty simple game play yet fun […]

PatMan Picks Free iPhone Games. Infinite Warrior

Usually, when a game drops in price or even goes free soon after its release it is an indication of a bad title. Or, perhaps it is a decent game but it is filled with annoying bugs. Infinite Warrior is defiantly not a bad title, nor have I encountered any bugs, yet this is the second time that the […]

PatMan Picks : Free iPhone games. Killer Bean Unleashed

I have played a fair number of 2D inspired platform/actions games since I bought my iPhone 4S. Most of these titles were, of course, free. And while these little games are fun, the truth is most of them lacked a main character that had any real depth. Most platform games, or action platform games on iOS have […]