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Google Nexus 7 (Impressions)

I decided earlier this winter that it was time to get a tablet. Then it was down to which operating system. Do I go with iOS or android? The choice for me wasn’t about price. I could get either. It was all about which device would integrate seamlessly with my set up. In the end […]

Attention Star Wars Nerds

I got a little video for all you Star Wars fans. Interestingly I have no idea how people are going to react. The cynic in me expects rage, but I am prepared to be surprised. I kind of like whats going on here with birds and wars fought amongst the stars. Do you find this […]

Angry Birds In Space!

Another Angry Birds game, imagine that. I am sure some of you are groaning already. I admit I was hesitant to download Rovio’s latest installment in the franchise. So any misgivings you have is warranted. Thing is they managed to add enough new features to make this well worth 99 cents.  I find myself quite addicted, just […]

Angry Birds Invasion

Seriously, these guys were everywhere at all three theme parks I went to in the past week.  I didn’t realize how much of a phenomena the game was until I saw more kids that recognized the different colored birds than the Pikachu dolls at the next booth over, crazy.  And no, I was not skilled […]

Wonderpod Episode 73

Here is a brand spanking new Wonderpod for you all. This week Jonkind joins us again as Glasenator is still MIA. I am hearing rumors he will return next week. So you Glasenator fans get ready for his triumphant return. This show did what no other episode of Wonderpod has done. We never even got […]