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Wonderpod Episode 296

Get ready for a new Wonderpod. This week we talk a lot about FPS gaming. Kind of digging these episodes. Where one topic branches in to multiple discussions. we did delve into a few other things I suppose. Still all revolving around the FPS genre. It will make more sense when you listen. Give me […]

Potassium Iodide Review

I think spring has been kidnapped. It is almost my birthday and we usually have spring by that time. We need to slap it’s picture on milk cartons and throw up fliers around the neighborhood. I hope spring finds it’s way home soon. As you may of already guessed, I am a little tired of […]

Pestilence or Famine?

Hey there, I am feeling like one of the four horseman of the apocalypse this morning. Your more than welcome to interpret that however you wish. I will say it still amazes me that people who claim to know me, still show surprise and get upset at the things I do. What you see is […]