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Wonderplays: Castle Crashers

The Wonderpod crew and our good buddy Roger, throw down in Castle Crashers. Sadly, Steam was being a royal asshole that night. Caused a bunch of lag and other issues. Still think the amount of fun we were having comes across well. There is a large chance we will be playing this again in the […]

Blast Corps

General Overview Save the world from utter, total annihilation by destroying absolutely every goddamn thing in the path of a truck that’s gone out of control and whatever the hell else you’d like as well…wait a minute…

FPS of the Year – 1999

You know the deal. Let’s do it!

PatMan Plays. Ms. Pac-Man TV games system

One of my favourite personal mottos in life is quite simple, if its free its for me. And so when I received the Ms Pac-Man TV game system as a gift years ago I gladly took the retro toy with open arms, and more importantly, an open mind. Sure, at the time I received this […]

An Introduction to Destruction

Hey everyone, Jonkind here. I just wanted to write a quick introductory post to firstly thank the WonderPod team for giving me the opportunity to do some posting here on the site as well as help them out with Episode 51 of the podcast, I had a blast. Secondly, I wanted to give you a […]