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PatMan Plays: Outland. Initial Impressions.

What is going on people? A few days ago on Wonderpod Video Game Podcast ep. 64, I discussed playing a little XBLA title by the name of Outland. I encouraged everyone to, at the very least ,download the demo on either the PSN or XBLA. If your into classic side scrolling 2D platform games of […]

Kill Osama Bin Laden In This Free Publicity Seeking Videogame Game, If You Want. I Guess.

So there is a level just recently released in some old FPS that I have never heard of centering on hunting down Bin Laden. “The Death of Osama bin Laden” is its title, to be exact. And now, apparently, they have ” recreated” the final assault for all to experience. From the video below well, it […]