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Wonderpod Episode 184

This week on Wonderpod. The three amigos reunite to bring you another show. We talk a little gaming and a little TV. Throw in a little business talk and you make an episode. Oh yeah and there was a console launch. Next week we may find out where it landed.

Wonderpod Episode 121

Wonderpod is back in full volume this week. Recording one show using less than stellar equipment, makes you really appreciate a good microphone. This is also one of those episodes with a theme of sorts. When this happens I can assure you it is never planned. If nothing else this weeks show should be much […]

Wonderpod Episode 54

We got a brand spanking new Wonderpod. It is hot and possibly toxic. There is something for everyone in this show. We might have even tried something new. The only way you find out is to listen or read the list of notes I have for you. All for you dear audience, all for you

Power Poll: 1/9/11… Still Animated, still Giffy…

Another week. But this is the first week of the New Year, and let’s see how things round out to kick off 2011. Hopefully, we’ll be able to compare this next year to the rankings to start off 2012… but until then: