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Blast Corps

General Overview Save the world from utter, total annihilation by destroying absolutely every goddamn thing in the path of a truck that’s gone out of control and whatever the hell else you’d like as well…wait a minute…

Wonderpod Episode 84

Time for some hot Wonderpod action. This week we wander off the beaten path format wise. The show is still about video games and was a lot of fun to record. You, the fine listening audience will have to tell us what you think of us mixing it up a bit. If you like it […]

MPX Retribution 9-10-11

Well, MPX’s most recent show is in the books. First of all, this had to have been their top-drawing card. I’m not exactly sure what brought the people out tonight: Mike Foxx, Athena, a casket match, the buzz over MPX in general. This is filling up a void in the DFW area for the good, […]

Carmageddon Is Back Baby!!

Man I loved the original Carmageddon back in the day. I never played the second one as I could of cared less about it. I was still to busy running old ladies down in the first one.  While I am not sure calling this a racing game is entriely appropriate, there is racing involved.  According […]

Adventure Game of the Year – 1998

This was a very slow year for adventure games that sadly would continue on as a trend. There were only 7 games. Let’s go!

Left 4 Christianity

This is only a test introduction, if this had been an actual introduction, there would have been a lot more fire and screaming. I never have quite worked out how to kick start this morning abomination if you haven’t noticed. Do I jump straight in to the meat of the post? Do I conjure up […]

The Sign Of The Beast

I am pretty sure at this point the world or at least the authorities are aware of my thoughts. I don’t mean that in a paranoid mind control sense. More of a hey we have heard all about this guy and will let karma help us sense. Yesterday was a classic example of what I […]

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