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BWF Radio Episode 20BWF Radio Episode 20BWF Radio Episode 20

Wow, what a crazy week in pro wrestling! ThinkSoJoE, G, and JT run down RAW, IMPACT, and SmackDown for the week and predict Extreme Rules. Justin Ruff’s controversial interview with Texas women’s wrestler Ruthless Lala (which will be available tomorrow afternoon) is previewed. Then the crew discuss the insane week of news in this wacky […]

Who’s Next?-UFC Edition

The following is simply my opinion. I welcome any comment below. Recently, in my opinion, the world of MMA has hit an impasse. They have hit an area of stagnation with their stars. For a long time, we were very lucky in the MMA world. We had some huge names at the top of our […]

“Macho Man” Randy Savage Will Be Missed. May 20, 2011.

In a tragic turn of events, Randy Poffo died as a result of what is reported as a heart attack while driving a car. The injuries sustained in a subsequent crash cost the former champion and beloved “Macho Man” Randy Savage his life. He was 58 years old. The following is both further information and […]