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Wonderplays: Castle Crashers

The Wonderpod crew and our good buddy Roger, throw down in Castle Crashers. Sadly, Steam was being a royal asshole that night. Caused a bunch of lag and other issues. Still think the amount of fun we were having comes across well. There is a large chance we will be playing this again in the […]

New Gotham City shooter, where you play as Batman wannabes? Gotham City Impostors.

Monolith Productions has announced a new Gotham City game where, apparently, you can not be Batman nor the Joker. No, I am not kidding, you cant be either of those characters, because who would want to do that when you can be some random Batman obsessed lesser cool, copy-cat vigilantly instead? ┬áBasically you can play […]

Monday!! Monday!! Monday!!

Long entertaining weekends make Monday all that much more painful. It is still early in the morning so I have no evidence to support that claim per say. It is entirely possible much like an over used fat orange cat I just Loathe Mondays. Given the antics of last week maybe it is time to […]