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Medal Of Honor Sequel News

I was one of the few who really enjoyed the Medal of Honor reboot. I liked the fact that it didn’t have a traditional story and just dropped you into the daily chaos of a special forces solider. I admit that it wasn’t as spectacular as I had hoped. The originally WWII MOH was one […]

FPS of the Year – 1999

You know the deal. Let’s do it!

Power Poll 05/14/11

Time for the Power Poll folks! The ratings seem fairly close to the shows rated for last week’s Smackdown and iMPACT (not the episodes that fell on May 13 and 12). Let’s check out our rankings:

Puppet Wrestling

Ah Tuesday morning dawns and all is quiet in this little town. Well except for the dog barking two houses over. That little rat bastard woke me up ten minutes before my alarm. Then came harpy like shrieking of his owner. The saddest part, the houses in this neighborhood are not that bloody close together. […]

Luigi Is God

I love this time of year as far as video games are concerned. Nothing major coming out, so I can catch up on my back log. Although that term back log, only applies to some games when you think about it. There are so many games each year I never get to and meant to […]