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McGee in: Modded Minecraft EP 5

Time for more Minecraft. I added some mods for this episode. I may flip back and forth for future episodes. Really all depends on what I am in the mood for. Enjoy the video guys!

Through The Wurm Hole (Part 4)

I would love to tell you the morning of my first hunt dawned bright and clear. That is how all supposed epic events started in books. Nothing could have been further from the truth in my case. I awoke to clouds and light rain as I made my way to Ephraim’s house on the far […]

MMO Dorking (Dragons Prophet)

Time for another random MMO video. Dragons Prophet from SOE is a free to play game. Like Star Wars it took me a couple runs to get interested in the game. Oh who am I kidding, any game that lets you ride a dragon in the first twenty minutes is awesome. Seriously, no waiting to […]

Combat Wombat Attacks!: Lost Shores GW2

So yesterday I introduced you all to the Combat Wombat Guild and they are a great bunch of folks just like the WPO crew. Today I am going to show you some of the antics I get up to with them in Guild Wars 2. A great use of the screen shots I have and […]

Kings Bounty Armored Princess

So for the last couple weeks I have been talking about Kings Bounty Armored Princess on Wonderpod.  Each time I tried to explain the combat I felt like I did a horrible job.  With that in mind I took some time this morning and shot a video of said combat.  The rest of the game […]

You Love It, I Hate It – Halo

Before every fanboy that simply sees the title and simply gets ready to rant in the comments does so, I implore you, please read this first. Halo is a much drooled over title and for (allegedly) good reason. At least I assume so because sales for this title have been no less than insane, thus […]

Gears Of Icewind Dale

There is nothing worse than waking up on a Monday and not feeling good. I suppose the day doesn’t really bloody matter, I was just hoping my illness would magically go away with the new week. Apparently this cold/flu didn’t get the damn memo. Maybe I can get a lawyer to either evict the thing […]

Halo CE 3D & Battlefield 3 to come out late this year.

Hold on to your controler,  there are 2 big FPS coming out in the end of 2011 that you may be interested in. The first should come as no suprise,it has been rumored to be in development for a while now, Halo CE remake. The catch is, its going to be in 1080p HD and […]

The Frankenstein Project – Fable Series

I thought I’d start a new concept I thought would be interesting. You’ll catch on as I go. This is semi-inspired by this thread “Series Where Different Games Had Attributes You Wish Were Together In One Game.” It seems like as a series goes on it either gets better, worse, or both. Fable is no […]