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My Duke Nukem Forever Review

What I Think Happened To Britney Spears, Actually

Recently I saw a trailer for Wreck-It Ralph and it got me thinking that I know exactly what happened to Britney Spears…

Biff Zongo: Having the Day Off Work

Fredrik: Having the day off is not always as productive as you might hope.

Biff Zongo: People Suck!

Fredrik: I actually really enjoyed movies like “Das Leben der Anderen”, “Good Bye, Lenin!” and some of the films of Werner Herzog. So I’m not dissing German art house cinema. No one in this comic is really mean on purpose, it’s just different strokes for different folks. Relatives buy noisy toys to my 2-year-old ALL […]

Biff Zongo: Dada-Gogo!!

Fredrik: To my understanding this is what my son is trying to tell me.

Biff Zongo: Spank the Monkey

Fredrik: Being a father has given me a whole new appreciation for animals. I point at them in books and go “The lion says ROOAAR!! And the cat says mjau-mjau!”. When I see a dog on the street I actually have a hard time not pointing and going “The dog says RUFF-RUFF!!” whether my son […]

Biff Zongo: Boy Scouts in Bondage

Fredrik: This is based on real books, but I changed scouts to boy scouts. Sounded better that way. And the last title is made up. I have been interested in weird books for a long time. Listen to the description of the book Cockeye Kerrigan “Hard-knuckled pages blazing with biff and stingo. . .” When […]

Biff Zongo: Erotica By Stingo

Biff Zongo: Rape Alley

Fredrik: This is not based on my real life. But a lot of people used to get beat up and robbed in my old hood just outside my window. It was noisy!

Biff Zongo: The 4 Worst Stone Age Inventions

Fredrik: The invention of stone was clearly one of the best inventions of the Stone Age (together with stuff like fire, water and animals). But these are clearly four of the worst inventions.