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Sequels I Would Love To See

Sometimes you play the fuck the out of a game to the point that there’s literally nothing else, you’re left still wanting more. Sadly, if there was more, it probably wouldn’t be as good, maybe some tacked on at the last minute DLC or whatever, but what about a sequel? Ahhh, but only if it […]

Review MMOs Differently?

I was reading this interview with Star Trek Online executive producer Dan Stahl and Perfect World Entertainment vice president of business development and corporate communications John Young. Most of it was typical industry talk of managing an MMO, but Dan Stahl made one comment that really got me thinking. Should MMO’s be reviewed differently than […]

Wonderpod Episode 107

This week on Wonderpod. Most of the crew has returned from the hinter lands for this weeks show. We gave Glasenator the week off and a medal of freedom. Gunsage filled his slot in the show and as you might guess we talked video games. On a related note Skype needs to really stop hanging […]