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Wonderpod Episode 259

Time for a new Wonderpod. Unfortunately Glasenator fell down a gopher hole minutes before recording. We are seasoned pros, so we recorded the show before attempting a rescue. All for you my friends, all for you. Have a great weekend folks!

Gamer Apathy

Everybody and their brother is going on about the next gen consoles and I can’t help but think “meh.” A lot of people don’t understand this attitude, so I’m going to help explain it based on an overwhelming sense of apathy and the fact that it really doesn’t matter who wins the next console war […]

Wonderpod Episode 174

Wonderpod is back for another exciting episode. We are at full power this week. Meaning all three cast members are present and accounted for. Mostly gaming stuff this episode, which I am sure will make some folks smile. Give it a listen and as always let use know what you think in the comments

Graphics Are King (according to Crytek)

Here we go again with the graphics drive game play argument. This time from Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli. I picked up this gem from gamesindustry. I suggest you give the article a quick glance before listening to me babble on about what he has to say.

PS4 is upon us

So by now you would have heard, or seen the announcement of the PS4 that was made yesterday (20th February). I stayed up way past my bedtime to watch the three hour conference. The light show at the beginning was pretty cool and got me a little hyped up and excited. I can’t help but […]

Windows 8 Doom and Gloom

By now you may have heard that some game developers are freaking out over the soon to be released Windows 8. If you haven’t, go here for to get general idea of the concerns. We have already talked about this once or twice briefly on Wonderpod. I still felt I like there was more to […]

The Last Of Us E3

In our continuing effort to cherry pick the best trailers from E3 here’s one for The Last of Us. It is a Sony exclusive and a reason for me to finally buy a PS3. I know I have said that before, but this time I might be serious. As you can tell I am running […]

Final Fantasy 3

General Overview Join the magical adventures of Loonie, Arg, Reefer, and Dingus as they travel the land in their retarded quest to consistently annoy oldschool RPGers. What’s that? That’s not their actual names? It doesn’t fucking matter; this game is awful.


General Overview Usually when you throw several genres together, it just doesn’t work, especially when you’re dealing with older titles. ActRaiser is a shining example of how it CAN work, however, throwing a qualified action game very similar to that of the Castlevania games into the mix of a God sim whereupon you also level […]

My Paranoia – Free To Play

I’m 29 and I’ve been gaming since I was 5. To me, a game can be many things, but most of the time, it’s a game you MIGHT play in the arcade, then hope it comes in some sort of console version right to your home. Back in my day (oh man I hoped I’d […]