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PatMan Picks Stampede Wrestling Classics. Davey Boy Smith VS Bret Hart.

Its that time again people, its time for some classic wrestling action. Welcome to another journey back in time as we explore Stampede Wrestlings great historic past. This time around lets watch a very good match between 2 former wrestlers from the Calgary promotion who were actually WWF employees at the time battling it out […]

Who’s Next?-UFC Edition

The following is simply my opinion. I welcome any comment below. Recently, in my opinion, the world of MMA has hit an impasse. They have hit an area of stagnation with their stars. For a long time, we were very lucky in the MMA world. We had some huge names at the top of our […]

TCR Comix: The Professional Sports Championship

SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS!  The Professional Sports Championship is underway, you guys!  It’s the VERY best part about sports, when the best two sports teams in the entire WORLD collide to determine who can claim to be the Best at Sports for an entire year!  While we, as Sports Fans, adopt a new favourite sports team […]

More Minecraft to Come

Hey everyone it’s been a while.  Finals really took a lot out of me this semester and I think I’ve finally been able to “recuperate.”  Anyway you probably heard on the podcast that Bruce finally got around to setting up a Minecraft server, the world that we’re in is fairly interesting with practically miles of […]

Pintnoir’s Free Comic Day Experience

Comics. For some of us it was our first reading experience, laying on the bed and cracking open the newest adventure of Spider-man, Batman or Spawn. I was one of those kids, I normally contribute writings to movie/television reviews and being apart of the dreaded Internet Wrestling Community, but my one true love is comics. […]

Take Glasenator and PatMan with you, wherever you go!

What is going on people? I will tell you what is going on , the 3DS is going on thats what! I hope that everyone is enjoying their new handheld and having fun. I personally enjoy playing with the 3D camera and showing my wife 3D picks of certain body parts, much to her non […]

WCW Nitro Results 3/26/01

The Celebration of Professional Wrestling begins! Ten years ago, almost exactly to the minute that this article was published, the television wrestling landscape changed forever. Only seconds before, the Monday Night War was still underway… but that would change in one fell swoop as Vince McMahon dramatically showed up to open WCW’s final episode of […]

Gamer Dick Returns.

One of our more popular parts of our video game podcast Wonderpod, with out a doubt, is our gamer dick segment. This is where we showcase all the dick-heads that we play with online in games such as COD, L4D, and of course , Halo. While very entertaining for our listeners, it became a little […]

Crysis 2 & Homefront. Packing a great 1-2 punch this March!

Unless all you do is play farming games on facebook, I am sure that you have heard that there are two big FPS coming out in the next few weeks. One is an all new title which might be the start of a franchise if its a success at the cash registers. The other  is […]

G Makes an Unfunny Comic!

Ever since the Serene Branson’s on-air stroke/migraine(?) at the Grammy’s last week, this meme has all over the internet. And for some reason it got me thinking about Back to the Future, for some reason… and since the meme is a little insensitive, I figured I’d make it even worse for everyone involved in my […]