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Wonderpod Episode 158

This week’s Wonderpod wanders all over the map. To the point that I am not even sure how to describe it in the show post ramble. It all has a video game theme, but we delve into some deeper topics. While bringing back topics from the previous weeks shows. We even have a drive by […]

Zombie Apocalypse Part 1 (LFT minecraft server)

So last night we had an zombie event on the LFT minecraft server. This video shows the first few stages of the night. I like to call it the spawn, chaos and then a plan. You’ll notice that I accidently kill Glasenator when trying to figure out how to get out of the spawn area. […]

Wonderpod Episode 130

This week on Wonderpod. Chris is back for more. Can last weeks adventures with him be topped? Not sure, but we sure tried. Between fart jokes and speculating about Swedes we talked about video games. Give it a listen there is something for everyone.

Wonderpod Episode 127

Wonderpod is late and full of the f-bomb. The weeks show is now fortified with special ingredients. We stole them from a midget at the end of a tornado. Means from this day forward the show will be twice as awesome. Plus we bitch about the Wii U. It appears to be all the rage […]

BWF Radio Episode 32BWF Radio Episode 32BWF Radio Episode 32

YES! YES! YES! ThinkSoJoE and G are back with yet another episode of BoredWrestlingFan Radio! The usual chat about the televised shows ensues, followed by this week in wrestling news. What can you expect this Monday on the 1000th episode of RAW? Who does CM Punk want calling his match tomorrow night? Will Kurt Angle […]

Broke Ass Gamer is Back!

Nope, don’t worry.  The new Broke Ass Gamer will not be like it was two episodes before.  In all seriousness it won’t.  The only difference is that I am more broke.