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Arma 3 Exile: Base Newb

Every few months I check in on the Arma 3 mod Exile. See what has changed and a nice break from other games. This time I decided to show off a bit of the base building. Specifically how walls snap together. May seem like a simple concept, but if you played DayZ mod you will […]

GTA 5: Gumball Rally 1

Anytime I need to blow off steam GTA is there for me. This time I decided to invent my own race in single player. One of these days I might even finish it. Enjoy the video and be sure to hit the appropriate tube buttons.

Cannibal Camping 1 (The Forest)

Some video games do not like being recorded. The Forest has proven that again. I would of trash canned this footage, if not for a bunch of bits that made me laugh. Thankfully I learned a thing or two and that is always important. I will warn you this video contains gore and childish behavior. […]

McGee In: Subnautica EP1

Here we go again. I was minding my own business going on vacation and boom ship crash! Seems to happen to me a lot. Okay sarcasm aside, It was about time I tried out Subnautica. Spoiler warning, its a lot of fun!

MMO Dorking: Archeage

Today I bring you a quick video clip from the MMO Archeage. Here in North America the game is still in alpha. As I said on the last episode of Wonderpod, I bought into the game to be able to play it now. These are just two of the many boats players can obtain in […]

MMO Dorking (Dragons Prophet)

Time for another random MMO video. Dragons Prophet from SOE is a free to play game. Like Star Wars it took me a couple runs to get interested in the game. Oh who am I kidding, any game that lets you ride a dragon in the first twenty minutes is awesome. Seriously, no waiting to […]

Wonderpod Episode 127

Wonderpod is late and full of the f-bomb. The weeks show is now fortified with special ingredients. We stole them from a midget at the end of a tornado. Means from this day forward the show will be twice as awesome. Plus we bitch about the Wii U. It appears to be all the rage […]

Minecraft Tour Episode 2

Hey there friends and┬áneighbors, it is time for minecraft videos. ┬áI called this mine craft cribs in the first episode and that was really dumb. There are about 4 trillion videos using the word cribs and that is just for minecraft. Now that we got that out of the way let’s get to this episode. […]