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PatMan Plays Mario Kart 8. New DLC

What is going on, people? More great DLC for Mario Kart 8 is what is going on, and it is great fun. I only had a little bit of time with it last night but I am enjoying the hell out of what I played thus far. Here is a quick video of my Amiibo […]

PatMan Plays Mario Kart 8. Saturday Night Battle

The greatness of the Weekend is once again upon us, and with a week off work to follow, things are looking very good here in the land of PatMan. I had some time tonight to play video games, and once again I put my Xbox One aside and played WiiU , specifically Mario Kart 8. This time around […]

PatMan Picks Free iPhone Games. Crazy Taxi.

Remember playing Crazy Taxi back in the good old days of video game arcades?  Well how about giving this classic and fun racing game a spin on the iPhone, for absolutely free. To promote the upcoming new Crazy Taxi game, SEGA has dropped the price down on the original to ,well, FREE. So check out […]

PatMan Plays Titanfall. First Few Days.

Titanfall has finally arrived and I had the chance to play some of it over the last few days on my Xbox One. Unless you have been hiding under a rock the last little while you know the game is good. As a matter of fact, I think it is more than good, it is […]

PatMan Plays Strider. Xbox One.

I have played more than my fair share of action /platformers in my game past. Yet I have never played Strider. That is until last week.  And, for the relatively inexpensive price of 14.99, I am enjoying this title very much.  The game has that classic old school feel to it while also having a […]

PatMan Plays KI. First Day With Spinal !

  As of yesterday,  Killer Instinct has a new fighter for us to enjoy!  Spinal turned out great and was worth the wait. They really did a good job with the new look of this classic KI character and I love how he is laughing insanely as he fights. I recorded the first few fights […]

Smackdown 01/31/14

Who quits the WWE forever… tonight!?!?!?!??

Smackdown 01/10/14

Due to bandwidth restrictions, this is available here, or here.

Smackdown 11/15/13

Introduction goes here, I guess. Oh and make sure you check out BWF Radio this Sunday where we celebrate our second episode in one hundred years! It’s going to be a show! Hopping time…

PatMan Picks Free iPhone Games. Swordigo

  What is going ON, People? PatMan is back again with another fun iOS game that you can pick up for absolutely free, if you download it soon. This time around the game is a great little action/ platformer by the name of Swordigo.  It was 1.99 and now it is free , but for […]