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Wonderpod Episode 236(Year End)

The final Wonderpod of 2014. It has been a great year for the show and we had a lot of fun. This week we do a year in review chat. If you listened to the show this year, thank you from all of us. We will be back early in 2015. Until then have a […]

Story Complete. PatMan Plays Destiny.

The long weekend is here for us in Canada so, hopefully in-between stuffing my face with Turkey and Ham I will have time for some Destiny. I have completed the ” Story ” part of the game at level 20. While its highly rumored that much of the story was actually changed and taken out […]

Wonderpod Episode 228

Time for another Wonderpod. A duo show as you can tell from the fancy banner. The show wandered into a general chat, ramble mode. Always a blast to do this type of episode from time to time. Have a great weekend and enjoy the show!

PatMan Plays Destiny. Back As A Lone Wolf.

What is going on, people? Hope you enjoyed the weekend even half as much as I did. I played a lot of Destiny when I was not outside enjoying the sun. This time however,I played the game alone as my fire teammate has a very strong dose of “reality” to be dealing with at the […]

PatMan Plays Destiny. The Moon Just Got Real.

What is going on, people? This week I have had a little more game time to really digest the game known as Destiny. Truth is, even with its lackluster story, they game is getting better and better as I level up and progress in the missions. I paired up yet again with a friend and […]

PatMan Plays Titanfall. Without Any Titans?

I once played FPS on a near nightly basis. FPS like Halo, Battlefield and COD. That has obviously changed,along with a lot of other things, but I still do like a good FPS even when I don’t have the time to really enjoy one. And with Destiny coming soon for my Xbox One, I thought […]

PatMan Plays Destiny Beta.

The Destiny beta is now all but over and I was lucky enough to get some time in and enjoy it. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect going in.  I thought the game may not be for someone like me, someone who only plays games, mostly, on the weekend. But it turns out that […]

Wonderpod Episode 205

Time for your weekly dose of Wonderpod. An all video game episode to boot. Okay we start with a rather strange tangent even by our standards. We even had a mid show audible. Sorry no Star Wars talk this week. I am sure we will drag that back in at some point. Got to help […]

Wonderpod Episode 183

It is time for another two man Wonderpod. One of the crew couldn’t make it last night so we went with the two man format. Lots of video game talk this week. That said I have it on good authority we will be discussing super heroes next week. You won’t want to miss that.

Wonderpod Episode 170

Wonderpod is brand spanking new. Two man show this week. Glasenator is currently being shipped back to Louisiana via fred ex. It is one of those shows were several themes run through each topic. Almost intertwined so to speak. If we remembered to poke air holes in the shipping container, it will be back to […]