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Steamed! – Depths of Peril

Depths of Peril Current selling price: $14.99 So imagine if the original Diablo was both competitive and timed. That’s Depths of Peril. Granted, saying that alone doesn’t do it justice, but that’s what it is per face value. You represent a leader of a barbarian clan and, throughout the course of a single game, will […]

Torchlight 2

General Overview I’ve been wanting to review this one for a while, but never felt like I had enough content to do so. I’ve beaten the game…and I still feel this way. If anything, this speaks volumes about the magnitude of ridiculous content stuffed into this package. If you enjoyed anything at all about the […]

Wonderpod Episode 112

This weeks Wonderpod is a day late due to random acts of the cable company. That said this show was a nice laid back affair. It’s a lot of what we’ve been playing with a pinch of pre E3 discussion. It’s one of those shows that was kind of thrown together and works really well […]

Diablo 3 Game Play Video

I have been far to lazy to write lately. So why not give you a short video of Diablo III instead. This video covers the first four or five minutes of the game. You start your journey in Tristram which should be familiar to anyone who played the previous games. For those of you who […]

RPG of the Year – 2009

It’s entirely possible that I missed some games, but I’ll say this…this list took me a good 4 hours to put together, therefore, if I missed anything, just let me know and I’ll fact check it just in case. I’m confident, however, in the top 5 and let me tell you, there are some FANTASTIC […]

RPG of the Year – 2000

On a very cautious basis, I’m going to start heading INTO THE FUTURE! There are 37 games this year. This was one of the toughest years I’ve encountered so far…possibly the toughest. In advance, I’d like to say that making the top 5 list this time around was NOT easy and as a result, a […]

Retropod – Episode 1

Welcome boys and girls and Scruffys! Do we have a treat for you today…we have a brand new podcast known as Retropod! In the pilot, we discuss various topics such as…