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Wonderpod Episode 297

Wonderpod is like a train. Right on schedule and mowing down cows. This week was a different type of show. We had two first time guests and one guest appearing for the third time. If that isn’t confusing enough they are all from Wales. If your still confused, you need to listen to some of […]

Wonderpod Episode 196

Wonderpod rotates to a four man unit this week. There was a great audible slash quick change in this episode. Might have been comedy gold or comedy crap. That is the great thing about the show. Everybody can listen and decide from themselves. Some gaming and some movies make up the bulk of the show

Wonderpod Episode 185

Two weeks in a row for the three man format on Wonderpod. That is always nice and makes for a fun show. We go a little nostalgic this time around given the circumstances. Should be a fun walk down memory lane for everyone that listens. Next week we are having a special guest. So be […]

Wonderpod Episode 179

Wonderpod is kind of like a pendulum at times. We swing back and forth from three hosts to two and back again. We will allow you to take a wild guess which lineup we are in for the episode. We got a great show for you this week, so give it a listen.

Leviathan: Warships (Jazzy Trailer)

In any given week I watch a lot of trailers. Some because I am interested in a particular game and some to see whats out there. Occasionally a trailer comes along that is exceptionally well put together and clever. This is a prime example of just such a trailer. It shows off the game nicely […]

Wonderpod Episode 111

Another week another episode of Wonderpod. After doing roughly 100 of these post it’s so hard think of anything clever for this paragraph. Maybe it’s time to start lying about what went on during the show. Add some drama and hype before you listen. Then there will be the standard gamer rage when you find […]

Wonderpod Episode 109

This week’s Wonderpod is 100% demon free. It’s also longer than usual, which is a good thing. We got into some very good debates as well. It’s always nice when the show just kind of flows. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did. I am now off to contemplate why Skype […]

Wonderpod Episode 108

This weeks Wonderpod was a challenge. I am pretty convinced at this point, ┬áthat Skype has been possessed by bloody demons. Which dovetails nicely with the ones inside my body at the moment. We carried on as a group and got you a show about video games. We did not talk about Black Ops 2 […]

Wonderpod Episode 103

Wonderpod has risen from the ashes one more time. Good thing it only takes a week or so to get over the fire damage. Getting the insurance to pay for a rodent caused fire is another thing. We got a little side tracked by wrestling this week. Which isn’t a bad thing given the time […]

McGee On Comics

We have a few guys on staff who have talked about comic books. I love reading the posts they produce, yet never really got into comics myself. So I figured it was time to bore you all to tears with what comics I have read and why I am not a comic book junkie.