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Wonderpod Episode 148

We got a brand new Wonderpod for you listening pleasure. This weeks show is all 100% fun and games. Literally we talked about games for a bit and then played one. We hope you all enjoy the change of pace

Lego City Undercover Trailer

I loved what I saw of Lego City Undercover at E3. It was a game that made me far more interested in the Wii U than I was before E3. Of course, there is the chance the game itself won’t be as good as the trailers. Let’s hope that is not true with this game. […]

Wonderpod Episode 93

Friday has wandered in and with it another Wonderpod. Consider this the first regular show of the new year. Mind you there is nothing regular about the festival of merriment we are bringing. Any show you talk about food and old people has to be good. Eventually we get down to the business of video […]