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Windows 8 Doom and Gloom

By now you may have heard that some game developers are freaking out over the soon to be released Windows 8. If you haven’t, go here for to get general idea of the concerns. We have already talked about this once or twice briefly on Wonderpod. I still felt I like there was more to […]

Homefront Sequel To Be Made By Crytek.

This was news that I did not expect. Apparently neither did the crew over at CVG. They are reporting that Crytek is set to make the sequel to Homefront. ¬†Considering the first one by Kaos Studio was a bit of a disaster, this news is rather interesting. ¬†Given how well made and received the Crysis […]

Disaster Delivered Daily

Hello there if your just joining us for the first time this morning I am very very sorry. I was working on the site and destroyed it. G is currently plotting my death. I am pretty sure he told me he was going to use zombie children. In an effort to make you feel at […]