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Meditations on Strikeforce

I guess I should explain what I’m doing. I won’t really do a linear recap. You’ll be able to find many great recaps. These are just my meditations and reflections of the weekend that was.

Minecraft Diary: EP 1

I am starting a new series, mostly because I can. This will be a diary of my minecraft single player experiences, told with my flair for weird and twisted. Meaning you take one part Sandy Toaster Pant’s plus one part video game. You end up with a nice and hopefully funny little diary of sorts. […]

Left 4 Christianity

This is only a test introduction, if this had been an actual introduction, there would have been a lot more fire and screaming. I never have quite worked out how to kick start this morning abomination if you haven’t noticed. Do I jump straight in to the meat of the post? Do I conjure up […]

Epic Fail

Normally I write this aware winning post in the morning. I suck down a cup of black as night coffee and write. I have been assured that this post is read by millions. Today’s post is going to be a departure from that format. I am writing this after a very bad day, the only […]

iMPACT: 01/20/11

Holy crap I am tired… barely slept last night, and now I am going to watch some iMPACT. This is probably the best mindset to hit good ol’ Crash TV in… let’s see what the little promotion that couldn’t served up for us tonight! The only thing I’m privy to remembering is that Karen Angle-Jarrett […]