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The Sarcastic Nord-Skyrim EP 1

I play a lot of RPG’s. Usually when I create a character, it eventually becomes a unique entity. I give it a little bit of back story and let the character progress naturally. Making decision based on what the character has done in the past. All the while muttering and bitching at the game in […]

McGee In: How Not To Minecraft

I said on Twitter I couldn’t help myself from doing this. While that is an amusing way to intro a video in a 140 characters. The truth is I did this as a favor for a friend and had a lot of fun doing it. Enjoy the video guys!

Minecraft Cribs

Way back in the early days I did a sad little video series. It was called the minecraft road trip and it consisted of screen shots. What your about to witness is an actual video, Vivian would be proud.  I have no clue if it’s better than the old series. I just know it’s not bloody screen […]

Wonderpod Episode 90

Finally, Wonderpod episode 90 has come back to WPO. Fun fact the audience may want to know. Buying a new PC means you will get be screwed side ways and not just by shovel ware. So much for plug and play! Okay shitty pun’s out of my system we got a great show for you, […]

Wonderpod Extra Cut (story)

Audiomaster G asked a very interesting question during the last podcast. I suggest you go and listen to the show and hear it for yourself. In case your to lazy to do that let me lay it out for you. Basically we were given a list of games that one person felt didn’t need a […]

Foggy And Cold

Good Monday morning to you all. Most of you in the US probably have the day off, so enjoy it. I am not sure how you will enjoy it, when you consider a good portion of the country is snow bound. I got a lot of my little mind this morning and some of it […]