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Matt B. Presents- Cena versus Rock – A Psychic Kids prediction

Once In A Lifetime…… Until Next Year! Hi I’m Matt B. Wrestle and with us today is Bobby L. (Last name withheld to protect identity from Vince’s lawyers). Bobby has a special gift for psychic predictions and has been featured on that show on A&E program Psychic Kids. Why is he here? Well we want […]

G’s Almost Stampede Wrestling Classic…

Why “almost” you ask? This stems from the fact that the two involved indeed cut their teeth in the Hart Dungeon, but Stampede Wrestling was inactive at the time of this match. On February 4th, 1994, Lionheart Chris Jericho would square off against Lance Storm in a ladder match for the Mid-Heavyweight title.

Smackdown: 11/25/11… New Champion?

And here we are… the fallout from the Survivor Series PPV on Sunday… yeah. A new Heavyweight Champion is crowned tonight? Really? Let’s hop to it, shall we? Big props to Al Creed for sending this one my way, and what a better sentiment to represent the WWE’s current fetish?