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Discount Bin Reviews: The Dark Knight (DVD)

My apologies to the Wonderpod viewership for my lack of posts the last few months, a busy work schedule and a demanding 17 month old just makes me want to relax most evenings and weekends when I have free time. But I digress, here I am to post a review, finally. All the buzz and […]

PatMan Picks Retro PC Games: High Octane

Welcome to another PatMan Picks Retro PC games. This time around I am picking one of my favorite racing/action titles on the PC. It was made by the folks at Bullfrog using the same engine that powered the classic Magic Carpet game, which I may or may not talk about another time. The title I […]

UFC Live on Versus-4

UFC has not given us the names on this card. But I think they have given us a card filled with really evenly-matched fights. This will not be a night of “squash matches” to borrow a term from the pro wrestling world. Welterweight bout: Nate Marquardt (31-10-2) vs. Rick Story (13-3) I learned my lesson […]

Duke Nukem Trailer Show Games Age, Yet Still Looks Good.

The latest Duke Nukem Forever trailer has hit the web a few days ago, filled with everything you would expect for a sequel to the PC classic. By everything of course I mean tits, ass, urination, cheesy one liners and insane action. Its what made Duke Nukem 3D so funny and fun to play back […]

No Time For News

Well I got PC problems and work problems this morning. Nothing I can’t handle, but it doesn’t leave me time for a news post. So in honor of the two RPG nerds running around here have an Elder Scrolls Skryim trailer. This one shows in game footage and everything. Plus I keep my streak alive.

Why I hate DLC: A Response

First off if you haven’t read it yet, this is a response to Bruce’s morning post on DLC, go read it. Allright let me get this straight here.  There’s a lot of things I hate about video games and there’s a lot of things that I love.  One of those things that I absolutely hate […]

Goin’ Retro – Paladin’s Quest

There were a lot of RPGs I played for the SNES (and in general) and while some were weird from time to time, very few achieved the strangeness of Paladin’s Quest. So what makes it so strange? Well to clarify, it’s not strange in the same sense that games like Earthbound, some Final Fantasies, and […]

Gambling Man

Monday and I have no hangover, that is about the best news. I never quite understood why the Super Bowl is on Sunday. Makes more sense to me that it should be on Saturday. That way you can have Super Hangover Sunday. Maybe they just never thought of it that way. I am sure there […]

Year Of The Donkey Punch

2011 is starting to look a lot like 2010. This would not be a good thing for me and in some ways is going to affect you. The hard working crew at Wonderpod got a podcast recorded. This is a vast improvement over last weeks disaster. The recording is suffering from some major issues and […]

PatMan Plays : Star Wars Rogue Squadron 3. Rebel Strike

The popular Rogue Squadron series originated back on the N64 and turned into a big hit for Lucas Arts and developer Factor 5. With a recipe of fast action, great graphics and the ability to play in many of the famous vehicles, ships  and settings of the original Star Wars movies, Factor 5 would create […]