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Wonderpod Episode 228

Time for another Wonderpod. A duo show as you can tell from the fancy banner. The show wandered into a general chat, ramble mode. Always a blast to do this type of episode from time to time. Have a great weekend and enjoy the show!

Wonderpod Episode 214

Wonderpod is a two-man show again this week. If you like ranting then this is the show for you. We even forgot one good rant starter. There is always next week. We should be back to a full crew for that show. Enjoy your holiday weekend.

Pat Man Plays. Ryse : Son Of Rome. Mini Review.

Ryse : Son Of Rome has been a bit of a love hate experience for me. I am now over 75 percent finished and it has been a pretty good, yet sometimes frustrating game to play. I suppose if you consider its not so good development history, that’s par for the course. Lets face it Ryse […]

Wonderpod Episode 201

This week on Wonderpod. We go back to recording in a dark broom closet. There will be live shows in the future and we discuss the details. We cover some hardware news and more on this episode. Kind of cleaning out what we didn’t cover last week. We are using a new version of our […]

Wonderpod Episode 200

Wonderpod has reached episode 200. We did something new and went all the way live. Normally we sit in a quiet Skype call and record. This show was all over the place. A little normal and a lot of nostalgia. The crew feels good reaching this mark. Warning the audio goes a little crazy from […]

Wonderpod Episode 190

Time for another episode of Wonderpod. This weeks show is off and on the rails several times. Then again we are not sure the show even has rails or track. Enjoyable show to record and hopefully that translates to a fun listen. See you next week folks.

Wonderpod Episode 153

As the banner implies we got a real mixed bag of topics this week. We talk some gaming, some tech stuff and a bit of sad news. Combine that with our standard rambling and tangents. Stir that all together and you get another fine episode of Wonderpod.

PS4 is upon us

So by now you would have heard, or seen the announcement of the PS4 that was made yesterday (20th February). I stayed up way past my bedtime to watch the three hour conference. The light show at the beginning was pretty cool and got me a little hyped up and excited. I can’t help but […]

BWF Radio WrestleMania 28 EditionBWF Radio WrestleMania 28 EditionBWF Radio WrestleMania 28 Edition

How better a way to kick off our “Celebration of Professional Wrestling” than to bring you a jam-packed WrestleMania prediction show with special guests abound? Oh, radio, tell me everything you know. Do you hear voices in the air? Hear them loud and clear? Are they telling you to listen? Then stop listening to Machine […]

PatMan Picks Retro PC games. Terminal Velocity

Welcome once again to another PatMan Picks PC classics. This time around I will be showcasing a game by the name of Terminal Velocity. The game was a very fun, action/arcade, space ship, flight game with pretty impressive visuals for its time. It also had a pretty cool soundtrack as I remember.  This was no […]