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GTA 5: Fail Rage

Let us start off Monday with a little rage. We all have those moments of self doubt. The I really suck moments. This time I decided to put mine on YouTube. The video actually made me laugh during the edit process. I am such an idiot some times. (okay most of the time) Enjoy my […]

McGee In: Flat Out 2 EP 2

I took the heap out to the track again. Let’s just say it went better last time. It was also a lot easier. Chaotic fun for all. Enjoy the video guys!

Wonderpod Episode 94

Here I come to fall off a cliff. Oh and I got a new episode of Wonderpod here somewhere. That is what recording the show felt like last night. Like we were running along in a field full of flowers. Then boom straight off a cliff into poo. Best part, the show still turned out […]

Wonderpod Episode 68

Wonderpod has survived the E3 extravaganza show. Listening to us this week, one might even think we were actually at the show. Sadly, none of us are important enough for that. Still we struggle through and discuss the world of gaming. Call it the E3 hangover episode if you like

Homefront = Epic Online Fail.

There will be no “more” link. Homefront online? Shit. Complete utter shit. Save your money if you want to play with friends online. Endorse a different company, these guys are the “TNA” of multiplayer. The 5 hour single player experience? Rent it. That part seems good.