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McGee In: Subnautica EP1

Here we go again. I was minding my own business going on vacation and boom ship crash! Seems to happen to me a lot. Okay sarcasm aside, It was about time I tried out Subnautica. Spoiler warning, its a lot of fun!

Wonderpod Episode 214

Wonderpod is a two-man show again this week. If you like ranting then this is the show for you. We even forgot one good rant starter. There is always next week. We should be back to a full crew for that show. Enjoy your holiday weekend.

Wonderpod Episode 170

Wonderpod is brand spanking new. Two man show this week. Glasenator is currently being shipped back to Louisiana via fred ex. It is one of those shows were several themes run through each topic. Almost intertwined so to speak. If we remembered to poke air holes in the shipping container, it will be back to […]

Wonderpod Episode 169

This week on Wonderpod. The show is back to three voices for the majority of the episode. Mind you we wandered far out into left field with some of our topics. Never fear there are video game and nerd type stuff as well. Interestingly the stuff out of left field might end up being the […]

The top 5 3DS Features You Probably didn’t Know About

Almost a month after it’s release, I’m pretty sure by now pretty much everyone has seen videos and pictures of the wonderful things the 3DS has to offer.  Everyone knows it can take 3D pictures, create Miis, and even work as a pedometer.  But what about the features that no one has really mentioned.  Well […]

Video Tuesday: Fishing?

I wrote a really long morning post as I usually do. Thing was it sucked. I am not talking the kind of bad were you post it anyway and be done with it either.  After reading through it twice I wanted to vomit.  So to save you I will post a funny video from one […]

Wonderpod Episode 52

Two weeks of good recordings in a row. That must mean it is time for Wonderpod. We got another brand spanking new episode for you. The original line up is back together this week. It’s almost like a Beatles reunion. Only this actually happened and we didn’t sing. We did, talk about games and make animals noises