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Cannibal Camping 2

Time for some more camping. Cannibal camping that is! Like part one, there is a ton of gore and horrible jokes. We upped the pun game big in this video. So sit back and laugh at how horrible we are. If you have not checked out part one it is here Thanks for watching!!

McGee In: Savage Lands EP 1

I needed a game for a new solo series. Looks like Savage Lands will fit the bill. Caution I went off on a couple topics in this video. I plan to do more game play next time. Enjoy the video guys!

McGee In: Goat Z Part 2

Time for some more GoatZ. I will be seeing blue barrels in my sleep for months. On the plus side I got that bastard Conrad. Enjoy the video guys and have a great weekend!

McGee In: Goat Z

I love good fun and Goat Simulator has plenty of it. This time the goat is in survival mode. How many different games and shows did they parody? I am not sure yet. There is also the fun game of seeing how many items I overlooked. I will be playing this again soon.

Minecraft Diary Episode 4

I hope you are all ready for the fourth episode in the minecraft diary. Our hero appears to be up shit creek without a paddle. The author is starting to feel like the narrator on the Dukes of Hazard. I hope to god at least one person finds that funny. Anyway lets see whats going […]