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Wonderpod Episode 296

Get ready for a new Wonderpod. This week we talk a lot about FPS gaming. Kind of digging these episodes. Where one topic branches in to multiple discussions. we did delve into a few other things I suppose. Still all revolving around the FPS genre. It will make more sense when you listen. Give me […]

Wonderpod Episode 294

Time for Wonderpod. We are a duo show this week and will be quite a bit from now on. Glasenator is taking some classes at night, so he will be hit and miss. This week was loaded with topics for us. Enjoy the show guys and have a great weekend.

Wonderpod Episode 290

Time for Wonderpod. We are a trio once again. Couple things to note with this episode. One we are done with VR news. Enough is enough already. Second Skype decided to change settings on me for fun. So mic is a bit loud even after tweaking. Sorry about that. Enjoy the show and have a […]

Wonderpod Episode 282

Here we go again. This week on Wonderpod we get a bit mechanical. By that we discuss concepts and theories behind current trends in gaming. An episode like this is a nice depature for us. So enjoy the show and let us know what you think. Have a great weekend people!

B and K In: Gotham City Posters

I passed up on this game when it came to consoles initially. While I don’t regret that decision. I am glad I made time to play it on PC. The biggest key with any game like this is having at least one buddy to play with. Even if you end up on opposite teams at […]

B and K In: Heroes and Generals Part 2

If you were not convinced I am the worst solider ever in part one. Well, part two should erase any doubt in your mind. It is impossible for me to take shooters seriously anymore. I have way more fun this way. *hours later* Always a great day when YouTube can’t generate thumbnails for videos.

B and K In: H and G Part 1

Playing shooters today versus playing them a decade ago is quite the contrast. I use to be all about the K/D and wins. Now I am about being a giant goof. If this video doesn’t show that well enough, I know for a fact part two will.

B and K in Hazard Ops

Spent some time in Hazard Ops. Known as RMR here in North America. Fun little shooter that has many modes and options. The game has been called a little to much pay to win and I want to quickly speak about that. Yes, the game has a cash shop. Yes, it might influence the PVP […]

B and K: Meet The Cultist

Yesterday myself and Agent K went into Arma 3 Epoch. I would call it the successor to Arma 2 DayZ Epoch. All we knew about it was there are no zombies. We soon found out what they had replaced zombies with. From there on the fear induced chaos took over. Been a long time since […]

Story Complete. PatMan Plays Destiny.

The long weekend is here for us in Canada so, hopefully in-between stuffing my face with Turkey and Ham I will have time for some Destiny. I have completed the ” Story ” part of the game at level 20. While its highly rumored that much of the story was actually changed and taken out […]