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PatMan Picks Free iOS Games. Dead Effect

With all the recent Titanfall beta love and my weekend obsessions with Killer Instinct, it has been a  while since I have looked at the iOS game market. My XBox One has completely dominated my small window of gaming time, and rightfully so as its a great new system to have. But, that will be […]

PatMan Picks Free iPhone Games. Into The Dead.

Endless running games are a dime a dozen around the world of iOS games. And the only thing that seems to be an even more milked dry game type is, of course, games with Zombies in them. So why am I posting about “Into The Dead”, a game that actually incorporates both of these totally overused game types? […]

PatMan Picks : Free iPhone games. Zombie Outbreak

Ok, I know what you are thinking. PatMan, seriously, another frigging Zombie game? You don’t even LIKE most of them. And you would be right, except for 2 reasons. One, its a cool little trivia game, not a shooter or adventure game. The other reason? Yeah you guessed it. ” If it is FREE it is for […]