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Wonderpod Episode 291

Wonderpod is back and there is no fucking VR. It may be the future, but god damn does it get old talking about it. We did do one rerun topic. It is a way back topic and one we hope you will enjoy. To give you a small hint think rock star goof. Enjoy the […]

B and K In: Gotham City Posters

I passed up on this game when it came to consoles initially. While I don’t regret that decision. I am glad I made time to play it on PC. The biggest key with any game like this is having at least one buddy to play with. Even if you end up on opposite teams at […]

B and K In: H and G Part 1

Playing shooters today versus playing them a decade ago is quite the contrast. I use to be all about the K/D and wins. Now I am about being a giant goof. If this video doesn’t show that well enough, I know for a fact part two will.