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Audio Master G & PatMan Play: Halo 4 King Of The Hill!

Last night the one and only “G of the internet” joined up with PatMan for a few rounds of Halo 4 online fun. Here are a few “not so HD “shots of the action. We played some King Of The Hill for a change. For those of you that only play slayer and team deathmatch game- types all […]

Wonderpod Episode 81

Friday around here means three things. I doubt you care about my laundry or the naked paper work ritual. So let’s get to the new episode of Wonderpod. This week Jon braved the dreaded two man show and it came out awesome. Just for the record any of the awesome is strictly Jon’s, I did […]

Minecraft Plus

I have a keyboard and the ability to type words in sentence format. Everything appears to be in place to write a nice update. Oh wait, something still seems to be missing? Oh right any motivation or feelings of creativity. While not feeling creative or any desire to write is a lame excuse. It is […]

Wonderpod Episode 67 (E3 Show)

This weeks Wonderpod is a wild episode. We attempt to give you our take on E3 which is always a daunting task. For those of you that didn’t pay attention to the information overload this will be a good listen. Our intent was to give you the run down on the press conference from the […]

Wonderpod Episode 66

It is time for a new episode of Wonderpod. This weeks show wanders all over the place and we may lose the rails once or twice. The sound board was rocking and we even found some time to talk about an upcoming expo. The only way to know for sure is to listen and enjoy.

Wonderpod Episode 65

We have got another exciting episode of Wonderpod for you. This week’s episode is brought to you by, Pentium 4, Paint and the word crash. E3 is really killing us as far as news goes, but we did find topics to talk about and we have a new feature. So let’s see what is behind […]

Dead Island: Game Play Walkthrough

I found a new trailer for the game Dead Island. I am thinking this will be far more enjoyable than my normal morning routine. Plus what I had written for this morning sucked. I am talking blows goats levels of sucked.  Okay so maybe that is a normal thing, but I saw this over at […]

Wonderpod Episode 62

Wonderpod episode 62 is ready for you fine people. This week we the show is split in half. By that I mean the first half is a great show for everybody as it covers our standard stuff. The second half of the show deals with the Sony/PSN incident or incidents. So you can pick and […]

Wonderpod Episode 60

Wonderpod 60 is here and just as wild as ever. Nothing could stop this show from happening. There was a virus, a giant can of red paint and poor PatMan was last seen on a milk carton. None of that slowed us down, although it may have had its influence on some things. We got […]

Wonderpod Episode 58

Well hello there, did you miss us? That’s right Wonderpod is back and slightly better than two weeks ago. We had another episode 50 moment and well shit happens. We think we got the problem sorted for good this time. So we gathered last night and talked about video games. I was very tired during […]