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Quick Look: Guild Wars 2 Event.

Most of our staff and readers are not MMO players. So I imagine most of them groan when I go on about Guild Wars 2. Which is why until today I have spared you, from 83 videos looking at pretty scenery. For the first time ever I am posting a video and the pacing and […]

PatMan Picks N64 classics. Star Wars Shadows Of The Empire.

Star Wars Shadows Of The Empire is yet another example of my fondness of expanding the Star Wars universe into  interactive video game form. I am particularly fond of this title as it released near the very launch of the N64, was very ambitious for its time, and turned out to be great fun. Lucas Arts would develop better looking […]

PatMan Picks Retro PC games. Raptor Call Of The Shadows

Welcome to another episode of the semi popular segment, PatMan Picks classic PC games. My pick for this week is a title that I actually didn’t play until a good few years after it was released in stores. I remember finding the demo for Raptor Call Of The Shadows on a PC magazine CD. It […]

Bioshock Infinite Game play Demo

This video pretty much speaks for itself. I knew the next Bioshock was going to an excellent game just from the early screens. This game play demo from E3 seals the deal for me. I see game play elements from the first two wrapped in a brand new setting, which works for me. Obviously this […]

Monday Back From Hell 2

Oh boy, it is another Monday morning. I have been up an hour or so and my brain has yet to start functioning. Which is hilarious when you consider I just answered a bunch of group column questions not ten minutes ago. I hope my brains auto pilot is in a good working condition. My […]

PatMan Plays Episode 3 – Halo Reach,Team Wonderpod style!

What is going on people?  Welcome to another episode of PatMan Plays.  This time I am  highlighting my personal game of the year, Halo Reach. Why did I pick the game as my personal game of the year, you ask? Well you haven’t down loaded our year end special then, it seems. Why don’t you download it on […]