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This Is How You Do It Wrong

I think I may have just found my calling in life. I think game developers should hire me to follow them around and tell them when its time to shut the hell up. Look at this story from CVG and tell me I couldn’t make a career out of shushing idiots like this. Yeah I […]

Take This Score and Shove It

It amazes me how stupid developers are getting. It is like they don’t seem to get how the gaming industry works. I mean it’s a fairly simple process from what I can tell. Someone comes up with an idea for a game or a sequel. Then the money to make said game is acquired. The […]

Wonderpod Episode 77

Time for another round of Wonderpod. This week we are joined by Jonkind, while Glasenator battle Ned the Internet serpent. The serpent couldn’t stop him from being heard on the show, which is always good. We also had the usual questions, topics and smart ass humor. In other words porn jokes galore.

Wonderpod 75

Friday means another episode of Wonderpod is ready to roll out. This weeks show is hard to sum up in mere words.Personally I had a lot of fun recording it and laughed quite a bit while editing. Let’s put it this way, we had no news so things got creative and according to at least […]

A Win For Gaming (Court News)

Ah lawsuits, they are almost always boring and make our readers/audience mad. Yet one came along today that is a very good thing for gamers and the industry. My intention with this post is to explain to you what happened and why it’s a good thing. I hope to do so in a manner that […]

Is the Wii going stale? Wii Play Motion Trailer shows “more of the same”.

Another Nintendo Wii ¬†trailer for yet another Nintendo Wii Mini-Game fest ,staring your cute little Miis in all sorts of fun situations. Sound familiar? ¬†It should. While I DO still really enjoy playing Wii Sports with my family, friends and very bouncy wife ,that was some time ago. I understand fully that there are millions […]

All New Dead Island -Tragedy Hits Paradise Trailer

Ok, I will be the first to admit it. Zombies are the most over used creatures in video games as of late. They are in DLC packs where they don’t belong just because Zombies are the latest cool thing we want to shoot on out TV. Zombies pop up in games that make no sense […]