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Batman Arkham City: Penguin

I am not a big fan of Batman. I am sure I will now be thrown out of the nerd club for daring to utter such filthy. Yet I really like the penguin character and this trailer alone has be interested in Arkham City. Short clip from over at gametrailers, but I like what I […]

Fallout New Vegas Has More DLC

Fallout New Vegas has more DLC for you to purchase and enjoy. My question is, does this Fallout now have more DLC than Fallout 3 did? Either way I was to lazy to write this morning and watching Fallout game play is always entertaining. Enjoy the video from our usually supplier. Tags:, Zion Park […]

Renegade Ops

Looks like the folks at Sega have a new game coming to the XBLA, PSN. I am digging this little game already for one reason. I get a real Spy Hunter vibe off the trailer. Does that mean the game is going to be great? Who knows for sure, but it is one worth keeping […]

Crush Trailer

Hey a release trailer for a new game on the 3DS, the crowd goes wild. The game won’t be out until September, the crowd begins to throw rocks.  I will keep pimping 3Ds game trailers as I can already see the potential of the little beast. Even if some “analysts are trying to cause a panic because […]

D&D Daggerdale

Another  game trailer morning.  I need to be getting the heck out of dodge this morning, so no time for the rambling. This mornings trailer comes from Dungeons and Dragons Daggerdale.  An RPG that audiomaster G was telling us about on Facebook a couple months ago. Four player dungeon brawler is what this appears to […]

Brink Overview

I have been interested in Brink a little and so I watched this overview video from gametrailers.  I am still deciding whether to purchase this day one of wait a week, but it will be a get for me. The wait may be to see how many bugs in the machine since its Bethesda. Video Games […]

Video Tuesday Again

Okay so I didn’t have a written update in me this morning. So I went video hunting and found this little gem. It may not technically be news, but it is funny. Warning it is in no way shape or form safe for work. This is the trailer for a new series from gametrailers.  What […]