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Achieving is better when you’re not doing it in school.

This year I have been focussing on my pile of shame. Games that have built up over the years which i’ve bought and just haven’t gotten around to playing through. These past few months alone i’ve gone through all the Gears Of Wars, Killzones, Uncharted, etc. I am getting there! Not ever being one to […]

Pestilence or Famine?

Hey there, I am feeling like one of the four horseman of the apocalypse this morning. Your more than welcome to interpret that however you wish. I will say it still amazes me that people who claim to know me, still show surprise and get upset at the things I do. What you see is […]

Curb stomp on Kinect ? Gears of Rails ?

In what can only be called a  rumor at this point, several video-game sites including kotaku are spreading the thoughts of a GOW motion controlled game for kinect being closer to a reality. The catch? Its not going  to be GOW 3, but a new game that plays on rails.  Other websites such as IGN […]

Crysis Tough

Well the week is flying by and it’s closer to the recording of Wonderpod. For once I am happy about it as there are things a foot for this weekend. I am normally not a social guy, but a few times a year I do like to attend some events and catch up with people […]