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Fighters to Watch this Weekend

Strikeforce Challengers looks to be shaping up pretty nicely. Here are some people to watch out for on the card:

Crytek Says Next Xbox At E3 2012, Along With Time Splitters 4 !

So, by now we have all had just abut enough E3 news for 2011. Some of you have seen enough trailers, game announcements, twitter comments and “best of moments”. Hell, I am almost fed up with pics of booth babes from E3 2011….ok…. almost I said. So what better for me to do than give […]

A Tired Mind Speaks

Yesterday at work I believe solved the problem of do nothing career politicians in American government. The process is simple instead these silly elections we just make it like jury duty. That’s right select people at random to go run the country for say ten days. We would only pay them a small fee so […]