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Wonderpod Episode 222

Wonderpod was recorded live this week. Always a fun time for the crew to have a live audience. Made covering the crap going on around gaming that much easier. We also announced a new feature the cast is involved in. Enjoy the show and have a great weekend!

Wonderpod Episode 209

Glasenator is roaming the woods in upstate New York. Which means time for a two man episode of Wonderpod. We enjoy doing these, but may be investing in a bull pen soon. Starts in the gaming realm and turns to the tech world before hitting the wall. Enjoy the show people!

Wonderpod Episode 190

Time for another episode of Wonderpod. This weeks show is off and on the rails several times. Then again we are not sure the show even has rails or track. Enjoyable show to record and hopefully that translates to a fun listen. See you next week folks.

Wonderpod Episode 160

This week on Wonderpod. Down a man and still recovering from the Xbox One aftermath. So outside of what we’ve been playing. We didn’t talk gaming this week. We wandered between tech, movies and T.V. Always nice to switch things up from time to time. As always enjoy the show and we will see you […]

Smackdown 03/01/13. We’re Marching Through Georgia… (G-G-G-Georgia. I don’t give a damn where they are tonight, I love that Pavement song).

Never underestimate The “Unseen Power Of The Picket Fence”. Alice of RWR knows what I’m talking about. So does J.T., Joe, and Jorge of BWF Radio. We’ll see you on Sunday for the podcast. Maybe even Alice will show up and make Jorge laugh? Until then, I decided to continue my streak of abusing my […]

Pac-Man Fight (Google Chrome)

There are times a game will make you stop and stare. In this case it was in a what the hell kind of way. The game is called Pac-Man fight. I am not sure what Namco is going to think of this little 3D platformer, but it was worth a post to me. While I […]

Minecraft Plus

I have a keyboard and the ability to type words in sentence format. Everything appears to be in place to write a nice update. Oh wait, something still seems to be missing? Oh right any motivation or feelings of creativity. While not feeling creative or any desire to write is a lame excuse. It is […]

TCR Comix: Google Plus

Lately, the Internet is all abuzz over the newest “Big Thing,” Google Plus. For the uninitiated, Google Plus is Google’s Pepsi to Facebook’s Coke.  The catch is, right now anyway, it’s pretty exclusive; you need to be invited in order to use it.  On top of all of this, for a little while, Google had […]

Wonderpod Episode 63

Wonderpod is ready to go and being launched on Friday the 13th no less. Does this mean there will be haunting glitches in the file? Perhaps there will be a terrifying scream during the news? I will just kill the suspense right now and tell you none of that is going to happen. Mostly because […]

Wonderpod Episode 57

Thank Luigi it’s Friday. I am not a 100% sure why I care, other than I have a new Wonderpod for you. This week we found things to complain about. What you think we ever debate anything with tact and diplomacy? We didn’t forget the blurry man either.