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GTA 5: Pansy Mobile

There are two vehicles in Grand Theft Auto that really get on my nerves. The HVT Dump and the stupid Tank. Both of them are about as OP as tinfoil. Okay so the tank is a little beefy, but not beefy enough for an angry McGee. Watch the video it has fire. Lots of fire!

GTA 5: Fail Rage

Let us start off Monday with a little rage. We all have those moments of self doubt. The I really suck moments. This time I decided to put mine on YouTube. The video actually made me laugh during the edit process. I am such an idiot some times. (okay most of the time) Enjoy my […]

Wonderpod Episode 251

Wonderpod rolls on for another week. Glasenator had a prior commitment. So two man show activate! Mostly gaming with a little TV talk. Enjoy the show and have a great weekend!

Wonderpod Episode 250

Time for episode two hundred and fifty. First off we had some technical issues with the call. Hopefully we got it cleaned up in editing. Personally it use to drive me nuts when this happened. These days we all realize shit happens some times. Enjoy the show and thank you for listening!